We have puppies :-)

The New Year welcomed us with great gifts, and in fact our Mirabella gave us beautiful gifts for the beginning of the year 😀
We present the children of our Mirabella Mio Amore Bi-Bi and Figaro Temperance Star st. Martin. We have 1 boy and 2 girls born on 01/01/2022 🙂OLIVKA, ORTENSIA & OLIVIER Mio Amore Bi-Bi

6.11.2021 Open Lowchen Show in Stangen, Norway ,judge Frode Jevne

At the show organized by Lowchen Club in Norway -Open Lowchen Show our dog’s daughter Hardy Alwaro -Fraszka Czupurny Puszek in the bitches age 4-8 years took 2nd place with a very nice description! This is extremely nice news for us. Fraszka is the granddaughter of our unforgettable, late Cossu’s Harry Belafonte, who came to us from Norway.Congratulations to the owners of Barbara and Artur Nowak. We look forward to receiving such nice news :-)

Na wystawie organizowanej przez Lowchen Club w Norwegii -Open Lowchen Show córka naszego psa Hardy Alwaro -Fraszka Czupurny Puszek w sukach w wieku 4-8 lat zajęła 2 miejsce z bardzo ładnym opisem! To dla nas niezwykle miła wiadomość. Fraszka jest wnuczką naszego niezapomnianego, nieżyjącego już Cossu Harry’ego Belafonte, który przyjechał do nas z Norwegii.
Serdeczne gratulacje dla właścicieli Barbara i Artur Nowak!

28.08.2021 2 x ABE Club Dog Show Dinnyes ,Hungary

Behind us are wonderful moments at 2 shows in Dinnyes,Hungary organized by the ABE Club , Hungary. Our girls did a great job! Me and Aneta are very happy and proud of our girls ?
Judges : I show Dorde Leka SRB & II show Kotlar Robert Hu
Our new baby’s debut
Trusty Friends Olympia -2 x BOB Minor Puppy, BIS Minor Puppy 1 ?
Mirabella Mio Amore Bi-Bi – 2 x CAC, 2 x Special Show Winner, 2 x BOB and BIS 2?

Trusty Friends Olympia aka Freya 5,5 months old

Mirabella Mio Amore Bi-Bi